Our Venue

Nanjing International Expo Center is a landmark building in the new urban area, which takes over the CBD of Hexi New Town and leans on the Yangtze River. Nanjing International Expo Center was certified by the International Exhibition Federation (UFI) in October 2018, becoming the first recognized exhibition facility in Nanjing. The total planning area of the center is 54 hectares, with a construction area of about 360,000 m2. It is a modern large-scale venue integrating exhibition, conference, accommodation, catering, performing arts and other functions. There are 8 large single-floor pillar-free pavilions, 1 Road Pavilion and 1 supporting restaurant "Yi Shi Guan". The underground parking lot has about 3400 parking spaces, including nearly 40 bus parking spaces. At present, the total construction area of Nanjing International Expo Center project under construction phase 3 is about 385,900 m2'. The project is scheduled to be completed in March 2020. By then, the indoor exhibition area of the pavilion will reach 150,000 square meters.

Since its operation in 2008, Nanjing National Expo Center has not only successfully undertaken various international, commercial and professional exhibitions such as CCMT, China Food and Drinks Fair (Autumn), API China,VIV China etc., but also provided excellent service for the "Second Asian Youth Games" and the "Second Youth Olympic Games".